Roberta has many years’ experience of advising and successfully helping her clients achieve their objectives, at all stages of the employment relationship from recruitment to termination and negotiating settlement agreements.

Before or at the start ... when you’re about to or have received an offer or have received the paperwork, find out what this entails and how it may be improved. We can review your employment contract.

New contract or promotion ... when you’ve been handed a new contract or you’re being promoted, this is the time to make sure that you understand just what this may entail and whether there are any strings attached or you could get a better outcome.

It’s not going well ... don’t wait for something to happen - find out about your rights, what you can do next to improve your position and how to go about it. Roberta knows that this can be a stressful time but is here to guide and support you and can also draft the paperwork for you, including when:

  • you are facing disciplinary issues and hearings
  • you are bringing or need to raise a grievance
  • there are issues about your performance
  • you need to know about family friendly rights (pregnancy, maternity, paternity, adoption and parental leave)
  • you think that there has been unlawful discrimination [link]
  • you are being bullied or harassed

I want to go: can I just leave and compete or join a competitor? ... before making that move, take strategic advice on your notice, any post-termination restrictions restrictive covenants and confidentiality obligations and find out if you’re free to join someone else or start up by yourself or with the others in your team.

Termination: redundancy and dismissal Roberta regularly advises on redundancy (which may or may not be genuine) and dismissals.

Settlement agreementRoberta has extensive experience of advising on the terms and securing a more favourable outcome.

Claims: When either you can’t agree terms or you just have to take matters further or are facing a claim, Roberta can act for you in the employment tribunal or the courts.