Senior Executives

Roberta has many years’ experience advising and supporting senior executives at all stages in their careers: from recruitment, through to problems at work or in the organisation through to leaving and termination.

Contract review

You’ve received the offer or the contractual and incentive documentation. The remuneration and holiday may look fine at first glance, but the overall picture may be rather more one sided that you had thought and could be improved. Roberta can check the paperwork, advise you on it and negotiate improved terms for you.

It’s not going well...

People change over time and times change. If there’s a problem or you think that there may be something afoot, contact Roberta to guide you on what you can do, or should not do, and how you can improve your position and even enhance your reputation. Take pre-emptive advice, don’t wait for “something” to happen - it may be too late.

Wanting to leave and resignation

Choosing the right time could be important.

Also, there may well be restrictive covenants, confidentiality and other terms or obligations which could affect your plans. Find out whether the restrictions are enforceable or you’re free to join someone else, start up by yourself or move with others in your team.

Exit or severance packages and settlement agreements

Sometimes it can be a blessing but other times, it can be stressful, difficult and the issues raised can be very sensitive.

Roberta can’t turn the clock back but she will do her best to negotiate the best possible exit package and take the stress out of the situation for you, when there’s

  • to be an amicable parting of the ways
  • a redundancy
  • a dismissal or termination
  • a termination of your engagement or agreement
  • an expulsion or retirement
  • less favourable treatment (discrimination)
  • a settlement agreement

As well as the financial aspect, there may very well be issues about

  • garden leave
  • restrictive covenants or post termination restrictions
  • the notice period and pay in lieu

A successful outcome is a “win-win” so that you can focus on your career.


We’ll help you to protect your rights and can act in claims in the Employment Tribunals, Employment Appeal Tribunal and the High Court when

  • the termination is a breach of contract
  • you’ve been unfairly dismissed
  • you’ve been unlawfully discriminated against or they’re wrong or unfair
  • a court claim is threatened or brought against you.

Contact Roberta to find out more.